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Juarez-Perez, E.J.* and Haro, M. Perovskite solar cells take a step forward 2020 Science
Vol. 368(6497), pp. 1309-1309 
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Suarez, I., Juarez-Perez, E., Chirvony, V., Mora-Sero, I. and Martinez-Pastor, J. Mechanisms of Spontaneous and Amplified Spontaneous Emission in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Thin Films Integrated in an Optical Waveguide 2020 Phys. Rev. Applied
Vol. 13, pp. 064071 
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Zhidkov, I.S., Boukhvalov, D.W., Kukharenko, A.I., Finkelstein, L.D., Cholakh, S.O., Akbulatov, A.F., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Troshin, P.A. and Kurmaev, E.Z. Influence of Ion Migration from ITO and SiO2 Substrates on Photo and Thermal Stability of CH3NH3SnI3 Hybrid Perovskite 2020 J. Phys. Chem. C, pp. - article DOI  
Wang, Q., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Jiang, S., Xiao, M., Qian, J., Shin, E.-Y., Noh, Y.-Y., Qi, Y., Shi, Y. and Li, Y. Approaching isotropic transfer integrals in crystalline organic semiconductors 2020 Physical Review Materials
Vol. 4(4), pp. 044604 
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Chuliá-Jordán, R., Fernández-Delgado, N., Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Mora-Seró, I., Herrera, M., Molina, S.I. and Martínez-Pastor, J.P. Inhibition of light emission from the metastable tetragonal phase at low temperatures in island-like films of lead iodide perovskites. 2019 Nanoscale
Vol. 11, pp. 22378-22386 
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Santos, E.V., Zamora, F.F., Ramírez, B.G., Snyders, R., Noirfalise, X., Guisbiers, G., Alemán, K.P., Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Saint-Grégoire, P., Vaillant, L., Azze, M.G., Cárdenas, A.A.B., Gil, A.S., López, C.L., León, R.T. and Hernández, S.S. Nanoestructuras semiconductoras en base a óxido cúprico y dióxido de titanio: Síntesis, caracterización y funcionamiento como fotoelectrodos 2019 Anales de la Academia de Ciencias de Cuba
Vol. 9(3), pp. 97-101 
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Bisquert, J. and Juarez-Perez, E.J.* The Causes of Degradation of Perovskite Solar Cells 2019 J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Vol. 10, pp. 5889-5891 
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He, S., Qiu, L., Son, D.-Y., Liu, Z., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ono, L.K., Stecker, C. and Qi, Y. Carbon-based Electrode Engineering Boosts the Efficiency of All Low-temperature Processed Perovskite Solar Cells 2019 ACS Energy Letters
Vol. 4, pp. 2032-2039 
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García-Fernández, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Bermúdez-García, J.M., Llamas-Saiz, A.L., Artiaga, R., López-Beceiro, J.J., Señarís-Rodríguez, M.A., Sánchez-Andújar, M. and Castro-García, S. Hybrid lead halide [(CH3)2NH2]PbX3 (X = Cl- and Br-) hexagonal perovskites with multiple functional properties 2019 J. Mater. Chem. C
Vol. 7, pp. 10008-10018 
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Juarez-Perez, E.J.,* Ono, L.K. and Qi, Y. Thermal degradation of formamidinium based lead halide perovskites into sym-triazine and hydrogen cyanide observed by coupled thermogravimetry - mass spectrometry analysis 2019 J. Mater. Chem. A
Vol. 7, pp. 16912-16919 
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Jiang, Y., Qiu, L., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ono, L.K., Hu, Z., Liu, Z., Wu, Z., Meng, L., Wang, Q. and Qi, Y. Reduction of lead leakage from damaged lead halide perovskite solar modules using self-healing polymer-based encapsulation 2019 Nature Energy
Vol. 4, pp. 585-593 
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Juarez-Perez, E.J.* and Qi, Y. Determination of Carrier Diffusion Length Using Transient Electron Photoemission Microscopy in the GaAs/InSe Heterojunction 2019 Phys. Status Solidi B </br> pp. 1900126  article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J.* Comment on “Probing the Origins of Photodegradation in OrganicInorganic Metal Halide Perovskites with Time-Resolved Mass Spectrometry”, Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2018. Updated response (March 14, 2019) 2019 ChemRxiv  preprint DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J.,* Ono, L.K., Uriarte, I., Cocinero, E.J. and Qi, Y. Degradation Mechanism and Relative Stability of Methylammonium Halide Based Perovskites Analyzed on the Basis of Acid-Base Theory 2019 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
Vol. 11, pp. 12586-12593 
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Fernández-Delgado, N., Herrera, M., Delgado, F.J., Tavabi, A.H., Luysberg, M., DuninBorkowski, R.E., Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Hames, B.C., Mora-Sero, I., Suárez, I., Martínez-Pastor, J.P. and Molina, S.I. Structural characterization of bulk and nanoparticle lead halide perovskite thin films by (S)TEM techniques 2019 Nanotechnology
Vol. 29, pp. 135701 
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Jiang, Y., Remeika, M., Hu, Z., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Qiu, L., Liu, Z., Kim, T., Ono, L.K., Son, D.-Y., Hawash, Z., Leyden, M.R., Wu, Z., Meng, L., Hu, J. and Qi, Y. Negligible-Pb-Waste and Upscalable Perovskite Deposition Technology for High-Operational-Stability Perovskite Solar Modules 2019 Adv. Energy Mater., pp. 1803047  article DOI  
Liu, Z., Qiu, L., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Hawash, Z., Kim, T., Jiang, Y., Wu, Z., Raga, S.R., Ono, L.K., Liu, S.F. and Qi, Y. Gas-solid reaction based over one-micrometer thick stable perovskite films for efficient solar cells and modules. 2018 Nat. Commun.
Vol. 9(1), pp. 3880 
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Garcia-Fernández, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J.,* Castro-Garcia, S., Sánchez-Andújar, M., Ono, L.K., Jiang, Y. and Qi, Y. Benchmarking chemical stability of arbitrarily mixed 3D hybrid halide perovskites for solar cell applications 2018 Small Methods, pp. 1800242  article DOI  
Padrón, K., Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Forcade, F., Snyders, R., Noirfalise, X., Laza, C., Jiménez, J. and Vigil, E. Nanostructured CuO films deposited on fluorine doped tin oxide conducting glass with a facile technology 2018 Thin Solid Films
Vol. 660, pp. 386-390 
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Ono, L.K., Hawash, Z., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Qiu, L., Jiang, Y. and Qi, Y. The influence of secondary solvents on the morphology of spiro-MeOTAD hole transport layer for lead halide perovskite solar cells 2018 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.
Vol. 51, pp. 294001 
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Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ono, L.K., Maeda, M., Jiang, Y., Hawash, Z. and Qi, Y. Photodecomposition and thermal decomposition in methylammonium halide lead perovskites and inferred design principles to increase photovoltaic device stability 2018 J. Mater. Chem. A
Vol. 6, pp. 9604-9612 
article DOI  
Wang, Q., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Jiang, S., Qiu, L., Ono, L.K., Sasaki, T., Wang, X., Shi, Y., Zheng, Y., Qi, Y. and Li, Y. Spin-Coated Crystalline Molecular Monolayers for Performance Enhancement in Organic Field-Effect Transistors 2018 J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Vol. 9, pp. 1318-1323 
article DOI  
Jiang, Y., Leyden, M.R., Qiu, L., Wang, S., Ono, L.K., Wu, Z., Juarez-Perez, E.J. and Qi, Y. Combination of Hybrid CVD and Cation Exchange for Upscaling Cs-Substituted Mixed Cation Perovskite Solar Cells with High Efficiency and Stability 2018 Adv. Funct. Mater.
Vol. 28, pp. 1703835 
article DOI  
Wu, Z., Raga, S.R., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Yao, X., Jiang, Y., Ono, L.K., Ning, Z., Tian, H. and Qi, Y.B. Improved Efficiency and Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells Induced by C=O Functionalized Hydrophobic Ammonium-Based Additives 2018 Adv. Mater.
Vol. 30, pp. 1703670 
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Alberola-Borràs, J.-A., Vidal, R., Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Mas-Marzá, E., Guerrero, A. and Mora-Seró, I. Relative impacts of methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite solar cells based on life cycle assessment 2018 Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells
Vol. 179, pp. 169-177 
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Bisquert, J., Juarez-Perez, E.J. and Kamat, P.V. Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells. The Genesis and Early Developments, 2009-2014 2017   book URL 
Ono, L.K., Juarez-Perez, E.J. and Qi, Y. Progress on Perovskite Materials and Solar Cells with Mixed Cations and Halide Anions 2017 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
Vol. 9, pp. 30197-30246 
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Leyden, M., Meng, L., Jiang, Y., Ono, L., Qiu, L., Juarez-Perez, E., Qin, C., Adachi, C. and Qi, Y. Methylammonium Lead Bromide Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes by Chemical Vapor Deposition 2017 J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Vol. 8, pp. 3193-3198 
article DOI  
Suarez, I., Ngo, T.T., Juarez-Perez, E., Antonicelli, G., Cortizo-Lacalle, D., Mateo-Alonso, A., Mora-Sero, I. and Martinez-Pastor, J. Optimization of semiconductor halide perovskite layers to implement waveguide amplifiers 2017 2017 19th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), pp. 1-3  conference DOI  
Ferrer-Ugalde, A., Cabrera-González, J., Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Teixidor, F., Perez-Inestrosa, E., Montenegro, J.M., Sillanpää, R., Haukka, M. and Nunez, R. Carborane-stilbene dyads: the influence of substituents and cluster isomers on photoluminescence properties 2017 Dalton Trans.
Vol. 46, pp. 2091-2104 
article DOI  
Wang, S., Jiang, Y., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ono, L.K. and Qi, Y. Accelerated degradation of methylammonium lead iodide perovskites induced by exposure to iodine vapour 2017 Nat. Energy
Vol. 2, pp. 16195 
article DOI  
Climent-Pascual, E., Hames, B.C., Moreno-Ramírez, J.S., Álvarez, A.L., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Mas-Marza, E., Mora-Seró, I., de Andrés, A. and Coya, C. Influence of the substrate on the bulk properties of hybrid lead halide perovskite films 2016 J. Mater. Chem. A
Vol. 4, pp. 18153-18163 
article DOI  
Fernández-Delgado, N., Herrera-Collado, M., Delgado-González, F., Juárez-Pérez, E., Mora-Sero, I., Suárez, I., Martínez-Pastor, J. and Molina, S. Structural quality of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskites for photovoltaic applications analyzed by electron microscopy techniques 2016 European Microscopy Congress 2016: Proceedings, pp. 604-605  conference DOI  
Suárez, I., Juárez-Pérez, E., Mora-Seró, I., Bisquert, J. and Martínez-Pastor, J. Halide perovskite amplifiers integrated in polymer waveguides 2016 International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks  conference DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Hawash, Z., R. Raga, S., Ono, L.K. and Qi, Y. Thermal degradation of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite into NH3 and CH3I gases observed by coupled thermogravimetry - mass spectrometry analysis 2016 Energy Environ. Sci.
Vol. 9, pp. 3406-3410 
article DOI  
Jiang, Y., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ge, Q., Wang, S., Leyden, M.R., Ono, L.K., Raga, S.R., Hu, J. and Qi, Y. Post-annealing of MAPbI3 perovskite films with methylamine for efficient perovskite solar cells 2016 Mater. Horiz.
Vol. 3, pp. 548-555 
article DOI  
Juárez-Pérez, E.J., Leyden, M.R., Wang, S., Ono, L.K., Hawash, Z. and Qi, Y. Role of the Dopants on the Morphological and Transport Properties of Spiro-MeOTAD Hole Transport Layer 2016 Chem. Mater.
Vol. 28, pp. 5702-5709 
article DOI  
Jaramillo-Quintero, O.A., Solis de la Fuente, M., Sanchez, R.S., Recalde, I.B., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Rincon, M.E. and Mora-Sero, I. Recombination reduction on lead halide perovskite solar cells based on low temperature synthesized hierarchical TiO2 nanorods 2016 Nanoscale
Vol. 8, pp. 6271-6277 
article DOI  
Suarez, I., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Bisquert, J., Mora-Sero, I. and Martinez-Pastor, J.P. Polymer/Perovskite Amplifying Waveguides for Active Hybrid Silicon Photonics 2015 Adv. Mater.
Vol. 27, pp. 6157-6162 
article DOI  
Listorti, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Frontera, C., Roiati, V., Garcia-Andrade, L., Colella, S., Rizzo, A., Ortiz, P. and Mora-Sero, I. Effect of Mesostructured Layer upon Crystalline Properties and Device Performance on Perovskite Solar Cells 2015 J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Vol. 6, pp. 1628-1637 
article DOI  
Zhang, J., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Mora-Sero, I., Viana, B. and Pauporte, T. Fast and low temperature growth of electron transport layers for efficient perovskite solar cells 2015 J. Mater. Chem. A
Vol. 3, pp. 4909-4915 
article DOI  
Paez, E.I., Haro, M., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Carmona, R.J., Parra, J.B., Ramos, R.L. and Ania, C.O. Fast synthesis of micro/mesoporous xerogels: Textural and energetic assessment 2015 Microporous Mesoporous Mater.
Vol. 209(0), pp. 2-9 
article DOI  
Guerrero, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Bisquert, J., Mora-Sero, I. and Garcia-Belmonte, G. Electrical field profile and doping in planar lead halide perovskite solar cells 2014 Appl. Phys. Lett.
Vol. 105(13), pp. 133902 
article DOI  
Sudhagar, P., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Kang, Y. and Mora-Sero, I. Low-cost Nanomaterials. Chapter: Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells 2014 pp. 89-136  inbook DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Sanchez, R.S., Badia, L., Garcia-Belmonte, G., Kang, Y.S., Mora-Sero, I. and Bisquert, J. Photoinduced Giant Dielectric Constant in Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells 2014 J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Vol. 5(0), pp. 2390-2394 
article DOI  
Ruisanchez, E., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Arenillas, A., Bermudez, J.M. and Menendez, J.A. Microwave-assisted grinding of metallurgical coke 2014 Rev. Metal.
Vol. 50(2), pp. e013;
article DOI  
Gonzalez-Pedro, V., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Arsyad, W.-S., Barea, E.M., Fabregat-Santiago, F., Mora-Sero, I. and Bisquert, J. General Working Principles of CH3NH3PbX3 Perovskite Solar Cells 2014 Nano Lett.
Vol. 14, pp. 888-893 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Wussler, M., Fabregat-Santiago, F., Lakus-Wollny, K., Mankel, E., Mayer, T., Jaegermann, W. and Mora-Sero, I. Role of the Selective Contacts in the Performance of Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells 2014 J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Vol. 5(ja), pp. 680-685 
article DOI  
Pop, A., Silvestru, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Arca, M., Lippolis, V. and Silvestru, C. Organoselenium(II) halides containing the pincer 2,6-(Me2NCH2)2C6H3 ligand - an experimental and theoretical investigation 2014 Dalton Trans.
Vol. 43, pp. 2221-2233 
article DOI  
Ferrer-Ugalde, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Teixidor, F., Vinas, C. and Nunez, R. Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Behavior of Carboranyl-Styrene Decorated Octasilsesquioxanes: Influence of the Carborane Clusters on Photoluminescence 2013 Chem. Eur. J.
Vol. 19, pp. 17021-17030 
article DOI  
Kim, H.-S., Mora-Sero, I., Gonzalez-Pedro, V., Fabregat-Santiago, F., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Park, N.-G. and Bisquert, J. Mechanism of carrier accumulation in perovskite thin-absorber solar cells 2013 Nat. Commun.
Vol. 4, pp. 2242 
article DOI  
Ruisanchez, E., Arenillas, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J. and Menendez, J.A. Pulses of microwave radiation to improve coke grindability 2012 Fuel
Vol. 102, pp. 65-71 
article DOI  
Menendez, J.A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ruisanchez, E., Calvo, E.G. and Arenillas, A. A Microwave based method for the synthesis of carbon xerogel spheres 2012 Carbon
Vol. 50, pp. 3555-3560 
article DOI  
Fernandez, P.S., Castro, E.B., Real, S.G., Visintin, A., Arenillas, A., Calvo, E.G., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Menendez, A.J. and Martins, M.E. Electrochemical behavior and capacitance properties of carbon xerogel/multiwalled carbon nanotubes composites 2012 J. Solid State Electrochem.
Vol. 16(3), pp. 1067-1076 
article DOI  
Farras, P., Juarez-Perez, E.J.,* Lepšik, M., Luque, R., Nunez, R. and Teixidor, F. Metallacarboranes and their interactions: theoretical insights and their applicability 2012 Chem. Soc. Rev.
Vol. 41, pp. 3445-3463 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Granier, M., Vinas, C., Mutin, P.H. and Nunez, R. Grafting of Metallacarboranes onto Self-Assembled Monolayers Deposited on Silicon Wafers. 2012 Chem. Asian J.
Vol. 7, pp. 277-281 
article DOI  
Ferrer-Ugalde, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Teixidor, F., Vinas, C., Sillanpää, R., Perez-Inestrosa, E. and Nunez, R. Synthesis and characterization of new fluorescent styrene-containing carborane derivatives: the singular quenching role of a phenyl substituent. 2012 Chem. Eur. J.
Vol. 18(2), pp. 544-553 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Aragoni, M.C., Arca, M., Blake, A.J., Devillanova, F.A., Garau, A., Isaia, F., Lippolis, V., Nunez, R., Pintus, A. and Wilson, C. A Unique Case of Oxidative Addition of Interhalogens IX (X=Cl, Br) to Organodiselone Ligands: Nature of the Chemical Bonding in Asymmetric I-Se-X Polarised Hypervalent Systems 2011 Chem. Eur. J.
Vol. 17(41), pp. 11497-11514 
article DOI  
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Vol. 357(2), pp. 541-547 
article DOI  
Lufrano, F., Staiti, P., Calvo, E.G., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Menendez, J.A. and Arenillas, A. Carbon Xerogel and Manganese Oxide Capacitive Materials for Advanced Supercapacitors 2011 Int. J. Electrochem. Sci.
Vol. 6, pp. 596-612 
article URL 
Menendez, J.A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Ruisanchez, E., Bermudez, J.M. and Arenillas, A. Ball lightning plasma and plasma arc formation during the microwave heating of carbons 2011 Carbon
Vol. 49(1), pp. 346-349 
article DOI  
Nunez, R., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Teixidor, F., Santillan, R., Farfan, N., Abreu, A., Yepez, R. and Vinas, C. Decorating poly(alkyl aryl-ether) dendrimers with metallacarboranes. 2010 Inorg. Chem.
Vol. 49(21), pp. 9993-10000 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Calvo, E.G., Arenillas, A. and Menendez, J.A. Precise determination of the point of sol-gel transition in carbon gel synthesis using a microwave heating method 2010 Carbon
Vol. 48, pp. 3305-3308 
article DOI  
Fernández, Y., Fidalgo, B., Zubizarreta, L., Bermúdez, J., Calvo, E., Ruisánchez, E., Juárez-Pérez, E., Arenillas, A. and Menéndez, J. Procesos térmicos asistidos por microondas sobre materiales carbonosos 2010 Boletín GEC (16), pp. 2-7  article URL 
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Nunez, R., Vinas, C., Sillanpää, R. and Teixidor, F. The Role of C-H...H-B Interactions in Establishing Rotamer Configurations in Metallabis(dicarbollide) Systems 2010 Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.
Vol. -(16), pp. 2385-2392 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Mutin, P.H., Granier, M., Teixidor, F. and Nunez, R. Anchoring of Phosphorus-Containing Cobaltabisdicarbollide Derivatives to Titania Surfaces 2010 Langmuir
Vol. 26(14), pp. 12185-12189 
article DOI  
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Vol. 43(1), pp. 150-159 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J. Metalodendrimeros y Materiales Nanoestructurados que Incorporan Clusteres de Boro. 2009 School: ICMAB-CSIC  phdthesis URL 
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Vinas, C., Teixidor, F. and Nunez, R. First example of the formation of a Si-C bond from an intramolecular Si-H...H-C diyhydrogen interaction in a metallacarborane: A theoretical study 2009 J. Organomet. Chem.
Vol. 694(11), pp. 1764-1770 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Vinas, C., Teixidor, F. and Nunez, R. Polyanionic Carbosilane and Carbosiloxane Metallodendrimers Based on Cobaltabisdicarbollide Derivatives 2009 Organometallics
Vol. 28(18), pp. 5550-5559 
article DOI  
Gonzalez-Campo, A., Juarez-Perez, E.J., Vinas, C., Boury, B., Sillanpaa, R., Kivekas, R. and Nunez, R. Carboranyl Substituted Siloxanes and Octasilsesquioxanes: Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity 2008 Macromolecules
Vol. 41(22), pp. 8458-8466 
article DOI  
Juarez-Perez, E.J., Vinas, C., Gonzalez-Campo, A., Teixidor, F., Sillanpää, R., Kivekäs, R. and Nunez, R. Controlled direct synthesis of C-mono- and C-disubstituted derivatives of [3,3'-Co(1,2-C2B9H11)2]- with organosilane groups: theoretical calculations compared with experimental results. 2008 Chem. Eur. J.
Vol. 14(16), pp. 4924-4938 
article DOI  
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